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8+ items, all perfect fit, great quality and excellent service
We came to Tata by recommendation of our shoe tailor (Bong). My wife brought some clothes for Tata to copy and also showed her pictures of other clothes she kept on pinterest, if Tata didn't have the color or pattern my wife wanted they went searching until they found the right ones. The next day we came back and they were all amazingly just what we wanted-perfect!
I had some work shirts made up with the different material I wanted and a jacket and they're definitely the best shirts/jacket I have now.
The key is to know exactly what you want and she'll do it. 

When we brought more she gave us good discounts, she also helped me purchase other things on my shopping list (socks/belt...) Idescribed them to her and within minutes she brought them all to me at a better price then I would get if I were to get them myself, and on our even brought me a present for my birthday haha. Anyway we recommend Tata :)

Great Fit, Great Service, Great People
I recently spent a couple days in Hoi An, and met Ta Ta on the street outside the cloth market. She convinced me to come into her shop and have a look, which I agreed to even though I was hesitant to commit to anything. 
I saw the great reviews of her work on Trip Advisor, and I decided to get a coat made, and loved it the minute I saw it the next day! Ta Ta and her sister-in-law were so great to work with- they were happy to make all the alteratons I asked for, and so friendly and personable. I felt so comfortable with them, and it was nice to joke around with them and chat. 
I ended up getting a dress and a bathingsuit made as well, and I'm very happy with what I got! I chose the coat and dress from their catalogues and made a few changes, but the bathingsuit she made completely from a couple photos I found on the internet, so it was totally custom. 
Ta Ta was very professional, took a lot of pride in her work, and always wanted to make sure I was perfectly happy. She went the extra mile (literally!) to come to my homestay to take a few extra measuremets, and later on deliver my purchases to me so I wouldnt have to carry the bags around town!
You will need to haggle a little bit, but Ta Ta was very fair and reasonably-priced. 
I highly recommend Ta Ta Cloth Shop!!! You really develop a relationship with the ladies here, and your clothes will be exactly to your specifications! #hoi an tailors

Thank you TA TA
We came to Hoi An with no intentions other than relax by the pool and get a suit...I had a particular Conor McGregor inspired suit in mind which had an unusual pattern however I was determined to have somebody make it..on the first day of our search we must have went to every tailor in Hoi An who of course when we showed them the design said they could do it but when we actually got to sit down could not deliver...We walked towards the market thinking all hope was lost of getting this suit when we were approached by Tata...I, in my frustration asked straight could she make this suit, she said she had the material and all I had to do was follow her to her shop, I had heard this a hundred times but followed anyway...We got to her stall and she sat us down, offered us water and began talking about what we had in mind, meanwhile she sent her assistant of to get the material I wanted...She was really nice and very helpful..moments later her assistant came back with the material and it was perfect...She quoted us prices that were cheaper than everywhere else we had been quoted previously for other suits...this made us think as it made us question the quality compared to other places we were looking so instead of saying yes we went off to see was there any TripAdvisor reviews before we made a decision...reading reviews we seen Tata had a number of very satisfied customers this quashed all doubt of using a tailor in the market as opposed to one that had there own shop so we engaged Ta Ta to make 2 suits, a jacket, a dress and a top within a 24 hour timeframe...She took measurements and off we went...we came back the next morning to find all out stuff there ready for the first fitting...everything quality wise was second to none just needed some tinkering which Tata had no problem doing...when we came back the second time everything was perfect the quality, the fit and the design were exactly what we asked for, in particular the dress and the top my girlfriend had ordered which were both lace with really unusual designs and sequences, however she produced them exactly like the pictures..overall my experience with TA TA was 10/10 we had a lot of demands and changes over a very short time frame and she produced them with excellent service and quality at a price that you just don't get where we live...I would highly recommend Ta Ta ! best tailor in hoi an#tailor hoi an#hoi an shopping#hoi an clothes#shopping hoi an#suit hoi an

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Brilliant tailors, thoroughly recommended
We went to Hoi An on holiday but also with the aim of having 8 suits made for our wedding, the groom and groomsmen. The ladies were really helpful with fabrics and sourcing us the specific look we wanted for the waistcoat fabric (bright yellow!). We ordered the grooms suit first and when we were happy with that we ordered the other 7 (we took with us the measurements of the groomsmen). Each suit is brilliantly made, they were able to add embroidered details we asked for and make amendments to the grooms suit. 

We must of visited the stall six times during our visit for various measurements, conversations and amendments. Communication was superb. I also had two jumpsuits made which are both amazing fit and well made. My friend had a shirt made and they also made a shirt for our friend at home based on the suit measurements. 

Thoroughly recommend going to Ta Ta - best tailors in Hoi An!
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