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Finding the Best Tailor in Hoi An

What to expect and how Tata Tailor is up there with the best tailors in Hoi An!

Hoi An - A beautiful Ancient town adorned with gleaming lanterns. Home of the Japanese covered bridge, the banh mi spot Anthony Bordain gave his seal of approval and the infamous Hoi An tailors such as ourselves.


Getting clothes made in Hoi An is a hugely popular tourist attraction. Stepping into the cloth market in Hoi An can be quite overwhelming, there’s a lot of competition and every tailor has got their hustle on hard. 


Everyone will tell you they are the best tailor in Hoi an! You will get recommendations from your hotel, your taxi driver, and perhaps even your local restaurant. Women will approach you on the street looking to entice you into their stores. There are so many tailors to choose from. We understand it is hard recognising who is, in fact, THE best tailor.

Step 1: How to find us


We are inside the Hoi An Cloth Market, Shop #5 – Cẩm Châu, Hội An, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam


Look for the sign, or send us a message!

How to find tata tailor - Hoi An

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You want a tailor you can trust, a tailor that is time-efficient and of course someone who knows their way around a sewing machine!


With Tata tailor, you can see the proof is in the pudding by heading over to trip advisor or taking a peek at our instagram or facebook to see just how happy our customers are. 


Let us walk you through the process here so when the time comes, your mind is at ease, and you can focus on having a smooth sailing memorable Hoi An tailor experience. 

Step 2: Take a load off


At Tata tailor, you will be greeted with a friendly face (or two since my sister and I work side by side), a welcoming drink and a place to sit to discuss how we can ‘best tailor’ your needs! 


We speak excellent English which is an important aspect for rating as the best Hoi An tailor, wouldn't you say? This means we are able to understand your requests as well as communicate any concerns with regards to your designs.

Step 3: Choose your design

What do you have in mind? 

Like it? Pin it!


Do you have a dress you’ve been travelling with that now has a hole in the arm? We can recreate it! Have you seen a swanky shirt on Johnny Depp that you’d like replicated? Or perhaps you have your own vision.


Take your time to think through what you would like. Coming prepared will help the production process run much quicker. If you’re stuck we have several books for you to flick through to find the design of your dreams, though customers often come armed with pictures of their own or an already owned garment to copy. There’s a whole world of inspiration out there! Have you checked out Tata Tailor on Pinterest? 


Be precise. If long sleeves don’t suit you, speak up. If you brought in a shirt but want the neckline a little different, say. We are here to cater to your requirements and will be honest if we do not think it will work.

Tailored designs - Hoi An

The possibilities are endless. If you don’t see something that immediately takes your fancy, or you have a specific style in mind… Khong Sao (don’t worry)! Hoi An has an entire cloth market at your fingertips. We will walk around the market until you find the fabric your heart desires. 


Tata Tailor has been in Hoi An, tailoring suits and wares for over 15 Years. We know our stuff. On occasion It may be necessary to advise choosing certain fabrics, ones we know will best accompany your design. Please bear this in mind. We truly want you to leave Tata’s satisfied and happy with your tailoring experience. We can’t be the best tailor if we don’t bring our knowledge and expertise in to play.

Ready for our tailoring experience?

Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you

Phone Number  
Which hotel are you staying  
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Tailored suit - Tata Tailor

Step 5: Getting measured up


This part is pretty straight forward. We’ll measure you for each item, whether a dress, shirt, trousers… we make sure to focus on even the tiniest of details, including button placement, how far up you want a slit or how deep you want your neckline. 

Once you’re measured up, we’ll talk about money. It’s not everyone’s favourite subject and everyone knows haggling happens often in Vietnamese markets but at Tata tailor we want you to feel comfortable discussing your needs. We will be honest and reasonable.

Prices vary based on several factors; The design details, the type of fabric, the amount of material used, and sometimes repeat custom. 


Have an idea of what you would like to spend. Consider what you would spend at home and take into account that you are receiving a tailored service. We offer an undeniably more affordable service than the high-end tailors in the epicentre of Hoi An.


As a guideline we will show you how our tailored garments are generally priced;


Maxi dress - $20 - $60

Mans suit - $70 - $150

Cotton shirt - $450 +


Shoes (that’s right we do shoes too)! - If you have an enquiry about this, don't hesitate to send us a message. See below some of the creations we’ve tailored for our customers in the past.

A deposit of half the amount will be required before leaving the store. You’ll receive a receipt for this on the initial day, and pay the remaining amount when the clothing is finished... and you are satisfied

Custom shoes - Hoi An

Next steps - How long will it take for my clothing to be finished?


We would recommend staying around Hoi An for 2 days. This allows for several fittings IF they are needed.


Turnaround time can be as little as 24 hours but this can depend on your availability (as well as ours and of course) and your tailoring specifications. A kimono, for example, is going to be quicker than a fitted suit. 


Neither of us wants you leaving with a rushed item. We aren’t called tailors for nothing!


Rest assured we will always do our best to suit your needs. It’s important to come in as soon as you can so that we are able to work within the availability you have in Hoi An. 


There isn't any need to make an appointment, though sometimes it's helpful to contact us via the website or Facebook.

First fitting


We will ask that you come back to Tata Tailor within 24 hours for your ‘first fitting’. At this point, we can evaluate any changes or adjustments. 


DON’T FREAK OUT. This is normal, even in the most prestigious of Hoi An tailors.  It isn't often a piece is perfectly tailored on the first go. 


Unless a copy of an already owned garment, items are purposely made loose as it is here that our skilled tailors really get to work – their keen eyes scan every inch of the outfit, marking down where alterations should be made so it fits your body perfectly.


Communication is key. Speak up. Everything will be wonderful!

The second fitting


A second fitting would normally be a few hours down the line, and in this step, minor touch-ups will be made. In many cases, your clothes will be ready to go by this point. 


You can come in for as many fittings and request as many changes as you like. So again, be honest with how you feel about your clothes! We want you to have the best experience, the best clothes and feel confident in leaving a sparkling review for the best tailoring service you’ve ever received.

The finished product

gallery/the best tailor in hoi an suit tata

Tailored suit - Hoi An

Now you’re 100% satisfied with your beautiful tailored garments all that’s left to do is pay the remainder of your bill, leave a happy review and take your clothes home. Wa-hoo to your new wardrobe!


Want your swanky new wardrobe sent to your hotel/hostel or even home? We can help, just ask! 


Tap here to see snippets from customers who believe we are the best, most affordable and friendly tailors in Hoi An! And don’t forget to hashtag  #tatatailor

Love from Tata  and the Team